A Letter From our Head of Africa Missions – November 2015

Eritrean soldiers

Dear brothers and sisters. Please share this message for all our supporters.

Today, I would like to share some requests with you:

First, if you followed in the news you may have learned that the Eritrean political and economic situation right now is in the worst condition. The Arab countries such as UAE and Saudi Arabia have taken advantage of this and have offered the Eritrean government compensation to let them use Eritrean territory for organizing a military coalition and recruiting Eritrean soldiers to fight an anti-Houthis military campaign in Yemen. This is very dangerous for Eritreans and the neighboring country Ethiopia, because the military coalitions of these Arab countries are very dangerous and always there is a possibility they are controlled by the terrorist organizations. At this time, Eritrea is accused of being a safe heaven for terrorist organizations such as Al-Shabaab. This is very dangerous for the region, since this could allow a terrorist group to get control in the Horn of Africa and East Africa in general. Please pray for this unrest and pray for the church to spread the good news in the midst of this difficult situation. To read more about this, look at articles such as Saudi Arabia, U.A.E Paying Eritrea to Back Yemen Fight, UN Says and Yemen Crisis: Who is fighting whom?

Second, right now Ethiopia is dealing with a new drought. There is a need for food aid in the border of Ethiopia, and there is frustration that the situation might be getting worse. So please join us in prayer. Read more about the drought here.

Thirdly, pray for me when I am dealing and consulting with some higher officials for God to give me his wisdom and lead me to his will.

Thank you so much for supporting me and letting me be in the mission field where God called me to be.

God Bless you