About Us


Our Vision

To see every human being treated equally with dignity, respect and to live in a stable, peaceful, and prosperous world.


Advocate and give legal support for disadvantaged victims of any kind of criminal or judicial system who are left helpless and suffering from injustice, as long as the cases fulfill the JFH mission and purpose.
Empowering and raising leaders and youths who understand the value of morality, integrity, and justice through counseling, training, experience sharing and capacity building.
Educating communities to create a modern and forward-thinking nation that is crucial to the development of a country. JFH will work closely with communities and religions to educate people through discussion forums, training workshops, and religious conferences. This help people to change their old and destructive ways of thinking and instead promote a spirit of working together for the common good of the nation.
Assist people economically. Poverty is one of the major reason for conflict, disrespect, violence and many problems. Hence, JFH will assist people with humanitarian aid projects that agree with the JFH mission and purpose, and we will also help develop connections with various other international aid organizations.

Justice for Humanity

Justice for Humanity