Please Pray for our Head of Africa Missions

Urgent Update:
Earlier today our Head of Africa Missions started feeling ill and he needs our prayers. He’s right in the middle of some amazing ministry, but if he has to return to the city to be treated by a doctor it means that hundreds of people will miss out on hearing the word of God. The Enemy is working hard against us, but our God is stronger. Please pray!

A message from our Head of Africa Missions
Sent Saturday, July 21

I am doing great by the grace and the power of God. Amazingly God opened the hearts of the leaders and the people. Because of your prayer and support, wherever I go the people I meet are welcoming me as the Messenger of the Lord. God is doing amazing work. People come to the kingdom, believers are encouraged, and political leaders want to work with us to build God’s moral value and ethics in their nation. This open door is important for the churches to influence the spiritual as well as the social life of the nation. Today I am on the border of Djibouti, Ethiopia, and Somalia. Desperately the people hunger for God’s word and truth, and I will preach the whole week and I will give training for the church leaders. I appreciate your prayers and how you are standing with me for the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ. God gave me a chance to meet one of the Tanzanian CEOs of FRIENDS of AFRICA. I talked to him about JFH and how we want to be involved and play our role in the development of Africa and he affirmed to me we are invited/welcome to do some training in Tanzania some time, therefore lets create friendship with him and learn how we can bring positive influence in Tanzania.

your brother in Christ

A message from our Head of Africa Missions
Sent Sunday, July 22

As I mentioned in my previous email I am in the area of the Djbouti and Somali border ministering and encouraging and teaching God’s people, but the weather is very hot and I am a little bit sick, maybe some kind of malaria. I don’t know yet if I need to go back to the cities to get to a clinic. Please keep praying for me. For now it is hard to get internet access. I will email you when I feel better and get internet access.

God is Able!