Pray For An End To Unrest in Ethiopia

The government of Ethiopia has been under siege during recent months from groups attempting to overthrow the current administration. The news reported in Western media has been heavily filtered through a progressive liberal bias that seeks to portray it as government repression of disadvantaged tribal groups, yet the truth of the matter, which we have learned firsthand through our JFH connections to the Ethiopian government, reveals a much more sinister and concentrated attack against the very heart of the free, democratic Ethiopian government.

Most of the unrest is being fueled and led by pro-Islamic groups in the U.S., Egypt and elsewhere who are seeking to overthrow the freely elected Ethiopian government and replace it with a Muslim-led regime that will implement sharia law and abolish the religious freedoms the citizens of Ethiopia currently enjoy. In many ways Ethiopia stands as a cornerstone among all of the African nations, so the Islamic usurpers feel that if they can overtake Ethiopia the rest of Africa will follow.

The Ethiopian government has taken some extreme steps to combat this attempted coup and maintain its democratic leadership. This has earned some negative judgement from the external liberal media who fails to recognize the danger Islam poses to democratic free society, and therefore doesn’t understand the need for the extreme steps Ethiopia has taken. In fact, many Western news outlets fail to even recognize and understand that the unrest in Ethiopia is being fueled and orchestrated by international groups of Islamic extremists.

As those who see and understand what’s truly at stake if this political unrest succeeds, JFH is calling on all supporters and members to pray for a quick and decisive end to the protests, violence and attacks in Ethiopia that are targeted at overthrowing the current government.

Here are a few news stories that, despite being somewhat erroneously biased against the Ethiopian government, can provide some additional information about the unrest in Ethiopia:

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