Eritrean Underground Church – summer 2012

Thanks to the generous donations of all our supporters, we’ve repeatedly been able to send substantial amounts of money to help persecuted Christians in the underground church in Eritrea. Just recently we sent another sizeable donation, and we want to share with you just what an amazing impact you’re having on the lives of Eritrean Christians.

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Summer Mission Update

Tonight we are on the eve of another amazing summer in Africa, so we need your help more than ever to help lay a foundation of blessing and fruitfulness for the next few months to come. Tomorrow our Head of Africa Missions flies from Minneapolis to Washington D.C., and then from there he will depart on an over 20-hour flight from Washington D.C. to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Please pray not only for his safety during the flight, but also pray for the people he will meet on the plane and for his comfort during such a long and confined journey.

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