Thank you PM Meles Zenawi

Written by our Head of Africa Missions on August 22, 2012

Dear Friends,

In my life I have a lot of dreams and wishes to do my role as a citizen, and as an individual to contribute to the transformation plan of our country. One way or the other, I have been influenced and inspired by the life and amazing leadership ability of our world role model and great African leader his most Excellence PM Meles Zenawi. Always one of my big dreams and wishes was to get a chance to work closely and learn more from this valuable and charismatic leader, but unfortunately my dream is not fulfilled and we lost this great leader. Still, the spirit of Meles is not dead and the vision and plan of his legacy and transformational contribution is still with us. A hero can’t live forever but his legacy lives for generations.

Thank you PM Meles. Your life was a light for Africans. You gave us hope and you taught us to have confidence, and who among us does not want to be like you and to repeat your history? Wow, now we Ethiopians have our role model leader. You taught us that nothing is impossible, you taught us tolerance, and without rest you taught us to work hard. You showed us the way to play our role in our country. In our history we never had positive thinking about our country or involvement in politics, but you changed our wrong mentality and you showed us how to believe in ourselves. Thank you PM Meles, valuable Son and Hero of Africa. Our love and honor for you is forever. We love you so much Mr. PM Meles and we will miss you!

Dear brothers and sisters, we learned a lot from our precious leader, therefore let’s stand together to fulfill his bright vision and plan. Let’s make history and repeat the hard working ethics of our beloved PM. After I left Ethiopia and when I arrived in Washington DC is when I heard this sad news. For the last two days I didn’t know what to say or do, but now I managed a little strength to write this note to you and I want to say to you and pray that the God of comfort will give us comfort from this deep loss of our great leader. Let’s stand in righteousness and truth to make the dream of our PM become real and to follow his deep love for our people and our country. Together we will build Ethiopia and Africa; this is our season and our time to continue the good work. In my name and on behalf of Justice for Humanity I wish for you that the God of comfort will give comfort to PM Meles’ family and the people of Ethiopia. Let’s pray and let’s stand in support for the rest of the political leaders of Ethiopia.

God Bless Ethiopia.