Violence Against Immigrants

AFP News:
Eritrean couple hurt as Jerusalem home torched

A news story recently appeared about violence and hatred against Africans from Eritrea and South Sudan who flee their homes but then must live illegally in other countries. Having a home where you can find dignity, safety, and respect is something all people should have, and our hearts and prayers go out to all those who struggle to find this basic need. All people deserve dignity because when God created us in His image he chose to share some of His own dignity with us.

Our answer at Justice For Humanity is not to condemn or hate those who react with violence against immigrants and outsiders. Instead, we want to help immigrant communities find ways to enhance and improve and bless the nations around them. When people experience the rewards of having these peaceful, hardworking, and empowering communities living beside them, they will truly see that Love is stronger than hate, and the problem of violence will no longer be an issue.