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Humanitarian Aid

A major goal of Justice for Humanity (JFH) is supporting people who are marginalized and suffering under oppression and injustice.

Humaniterian Aid

A major goal of Justice for Humanity (JFH) is supporting people who are marginalized and suffering under oppression and injustice. Since 2011, JFH has distributed thousands of dollars in aid funds to help families in East Africa countries such as Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti, and Sudan because at JFH our primary focus area is in the East part of Africa.

Social Advancement

Long-term justice requires that people are able to live stable and productive lives. Humanitarian Aid can be a temporary bandage for meeting people’s needs, but ultimately, they need the ability to grow and prosper in their own economic environment. Justice for Humanity works with business and government leaders to promote economic...

Civic Responsibility

As a part of a society, we all are responsible actively to participate in the public life of a community in an informed, committed, and constructive manner, with a focus on the common good. At JFH we encourage and educate people to look beyond their own needs and start also caring about their community in grassroot level.

Good Governance

Many government leaders sincerely want to bring peace and prosperity to their societies, yet many organizations are so focused on addressing the problems at hand that they don’t enlist the help of government leaders who can help by implementing top-down changes that will combat the issues at their roots.

We need your Help

Let’s improve their lives and fulfill their happiness

We believe there has never been another time like today, where all the pieces are in place for unprecedented improvement in the quality of life in East Africa. From agriculture, to business to government, everything sits on the edge of major growth and advancement. All that’s needed is a final push to help send things over the threshold. Justice for Humanity is ideally positioned to help make this happen. Please join us with a donation today, and together let’s bring on a new era of peace and prospertiy in East Africa.



As ironic as it seems, sharing in someone else’s hardships is actually one of the most rewarding things we can do as human beings. All of Justice For Humanity’s projects and achievements have been 100% funded by people like you, who care enough to make a difference. People’s lives depend on the generosity we can provide, and since the very beginning we’ve done our absolute best to make sure the maximum amount of your donations go to help the people we serve. All of our staff, except those actively in the field, work as volunteers and we maintain a very low overhead.